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About us

Vegetablog.com started back in 1988 when Michael popped into the world. In fact it most probably started way way back when Michael’s eclectic, creative and beautiful family decided that food was going to be an integral part of his not even existing existence. It was without any doubts that Michael’s family, for generations had lived off healthy and wholesome food – they knew what needed to be taken into the body, not through degrees or studies into food science but purely from basic common sense that if you eat an apple you feel a certain way as opposed to eating a candy bar.
So when that fateful and joyous day came towards the end of April was the world ready for the creative culinary rivers that were about to flow in abundance? I guess they were but Michael just wasn’t ready for them quite yet.It took him a little while to realise he had a flair in the kitchen, now by a little while I don’t mean long at all. By 10 years old Michael was making the creamiest, simplest most delicious roux’s and whipping up some cosmic cauliflower cheese to keep the family unit well cheesed.

Michael Wonford

Deciding not to make a career out of his love of all things gastronomic, as he didn’t want to lose the passion that he had for food. Michael went on a journey of self-discovery, always knowing food was deeply ingrained in his soul and the conversations around it never being far away he decided to go forth and see what the world has to offer. From cooking a simple spaghetti bolognaise on the side of the road in the bitter Scottish Highlands to creating a luscious eggplant parmigiana in the harsh Australian outback food was the substance that fed Michael’s soul.
It wasn’t until early 2016 that Michael was able to cook one of the last meals for someone that he truly loved that the sparks were ignited, the lightbulbs popped up and Vegetablog.com was born  So jump aboard this delicious, digestible, nutritious and appetizing journey on the creative rivers of abundance. We hope you learn a little about who we are and who knows, maybe learn a little about yourself along the way!

What we do

At Vegetablog.com we don’t focus on expensive ingredients, our cupboards are not full of lavish products that can only find in certain stores in the affluent parts of the world. We are all about simple, basic ingredients that come together like the smooth grooves of Gregory Porter and a sweet trumpet solo. You will notice all of the vegetarian recipes – Michael has been eating a herbivorous diet since the middle of 2015, he has always had a close relationship with the fruit and vegetable family and decided to take the plunge after educating himself on the meat industry.

Having spent the past few years living in a tiny apartment in Melbourne we also like to focus on good food that can be prepared in small spaces. Everyone would love a big sprawling kitchen full of islands with places to chop left right and centre but this is not the case for us and certainly not the case for most city dwellers so the majority of our recipes will be based around using as few dishes as possible! Less dish washing and more food eating! We also like to cook in other people’s small spaces to show that it can be done anywhere so keep your eyes peeled for our guest kitchen cook-offs.

The man himself

Michael is the kind of guy that you will find reading on a train, you might look over and notice the book he is reading is quite large and awkward then you look closer and realise it is “Mastering the art of French cooking” by Julia Child or “White Heat” by Marco Pierre White. You catch his eye and then he goes on about the glories of butter or the wonders of the symmetry of a carrot that has been freshly julienned. Over the period of his life path up until this point Michael has been a builder, managed a number drinking holes and spent months at a time drilling for precious minerals in the great Australian outback, all along the way though good food has never been far away.

Currently residing in the bohemian St Kilda area of Melbourne Michael has spent the last 10 years traveling and enjoying all things good in life. He enjoys the versatility of a chickpea and has nothing good to say about fruit that has been peeled then wrapped in plastic for your “convenience”.  He attempts to play the Ukele, looks like someone that should be better but is constantly learning! He has a happy soul and puts this mainly down to eating good food made with love and care, all about spreading good vibes he is always happy to hear from you so get in touch!