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Button Mushroom, Beer and Goats Cheese Paté

Button Mushroom, Beer and Goats Cheese Paté

I absolutely love this easy-to-make recipe, I have made it with various different types of mushrooms and all work really well. I am a great paté lover and when I was eating a carnivorous diet I regularly used to make my own. Alas that time has passed and I would regularly wonder if you could recreate something similar vegetarian. After a few different attempts using a few different ingredients I came to the conclusion that mushrooms are king! All hail the king!! The ale gives this dish a great depth of flavour and compliments the taste of the mushrooms perfectly.


First, slice the mushrooms and set aside, then heat the oil in a non-stick sauce pan. Dice the garlic, place in the pan and fry off until just browned.

Once your oil has infused the garlic place your sliced mushrooms in the pan with a lid on top and fry off for about 10 minutes or until the mushrooms are soft.

During this process add a generous amount of salt and pepper then pour in the ½ cup of ale. I specifically use ale as it’s not too heavily carbonated and has a deeper flavour than lager, however lager can be used for it’s own unique flavour. I have made this with sherry or port in the past as well which gives a certain sweetness that goes well with the earthy tones of the mushroom.

Once your mushroom mixture has been bubbling away for about 15 minutes now you place it all in a food processor (or use a stick blender) and give it a good whiz together, letting it blend for a while to get the mushrooms and ale all mixed together nicely.

Once the mixture is smooth transfer this into a bowl, add the goats cheese and combine. The reason I like to use goats cheese here is because it has a bit of a tang which gives the paté a lovely rich flavour.

Add the sage, season with salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate overnight. Then enjoy on a homemade wholemeal cracker. Just divine!!